Sunday, 16 February 2014

Blogging with Google Blogger

I hope that these videos assist you with the set up of your class blogs.

Uploading your first template

Creating a Second Page and Linking them through the menu

Adding Useful Links to Your Page

Using Advanced Settings to Personalise Your Template

Turn Your Notifications On

If  you are not receiving notifications via your phone despite entering your phones details please ensure that your Notifications are turned on.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Clearer instructions

If you prefer to use online Youtube type tutorials then you can also follow my step by step tutorial.

You will need to move between the 2 tabs 
(1 being your own tab to create your Google account and the other for the tutorial)

Once you have completed all of the tutorial steps you are invited to join our Ardtornish+ Community by clicking on the link below.

Ardtornish+ -

Then join the community by clicking on the red join community button.

Congratulations and welcome.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Here We Go 2014

Week 1 down.

  • Firstly all 1057 domain members are successfully syncing from our school server to our Google Administrator Platform. (644 parents, 368 students & 45staff)
  • 149 students successfully logged in and using.
  • 58 invited and now accepted authors of a class Book Blog.
  • 6 teachers and their classes now with Teacher Dashboard classrooms.
What a week considering there was only 4 days and lets face it Week 1 has enough to do already. So helpful that students are excited to use this new learning platform (some students have used it for 2 years and still excited to have their own account). It's also been wonderful to have a teaching staff that wants to explore and invest their time in this expansion and adjustment of a tool that we are already using.

The only hitch came in the form of some annoying password hitches with the students.  Saying this, any problem can become a great learning experience. The fact is that now myself and 4 other staff members know how to quickly change a password when requested. Through the Admin console it couldn't really be much easier.

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