Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Google Calendar For Android is Getting Prettier

Finally Google Calendar is now almost visually pleasing. Google's vision to make Calendar even friendlier for all the Android users in the world has got a little closer.
The schedule view has improved again, with images and more immediate information.
Events from your Gmail are now automatically inserted into your calendar so those flights that you book will be in your schedule as soon as your confirmation is received.
Also with assists the ease of putting in events will become so much faster and user friendly.
In all it's starting to become a personal secretary in our pocket.

How good is Steve Dotto? (+dottotech)

Every time I watch a tutorial of his I learn something awesome. He makes simple online learning so fun yet really informative.
He goes at a 100 mph but with the beauty of modern learning he can be paused and you can immediately put what you learn into practise. 
Keep it up +dottotech, you keep me moving forward.