Ardtornish+ Account Activation

Follow these steps to activate your ARDPS account.

1. Type 'google' into the internet search bar (actually known as Google Omnibox)

2. Click on the BLUE  Sign in   button in the top right hand corner

3. Type your school assigned Google address into the sign in box.

  • your account is your First name .(dot) Last name (i.e.  han.solo)
  • then add  (
  • then press  Next 

4. Type your password into the box. (all passwords have been set to 12345678)

  • You may change this password at anytime
  • Click the  Sign in  button

5. Read the Terms and Conditions and then press the  Accept  button

6. The screen will reset with your new account activated.

7. Click on the 9 Dots in the top right-hand corner and then click the G+ symbol to open up Google+ in a new tab.

8. Once this is all done you need to click on this link below.

9. The Ardtornish+ Community page will open. Click on the  Join  button

10. Fill in the required information to activate your Google+ account.

  • First Name, Last Name, Gender and Date of Birth

11. Turn on Notifications when the drop down reminder comes up.

12. Lastly look for my (Steve Whitehead) last post, hover over my name and click to follow me.

By adding me to a circle me you will alert me that you have activated your account. I can then add you to our school parent circle and let your child's teacher know you can receive online information.