Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to Blogging with Blogger 2015

Hello to everyone and welcome back to your personal journey with blogging.

Within this first video I will:

A quick recap of the parts of Blogger we looked at in December 2014. Covering:
Beginning with setting your tabs,
Using your blogs page, 
Remembering how important your layout page is,
Using Gadgets 
Pages (top menu)
Useful links (side menu)
Image (placing a photo moment)
Adding a photo to your header

Plus now extending your knowledge with:
Accessing your template designer to individualise your blog with advanced options for backgrounds, fonts, text sizes...adjusting your widths...actual grid layout options of your page and other advanced options.
What is the mobile template?
Adding authors to your blog
Posting on a Blog

Probably a lot more by the time I get to posting. Just send me any questions if you have any issues with your blog that I have not covered.

See you very soon for the next installment.

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