Saturday, 1 February 2014

Here We Go 2014

Week 1 down.

  • Firstly all 1057 domain members are successfully syncing from our school server to our Google Administrator Platform. (644 parents, 368 students & 45staff)
  • 149 students successfully logged in and using.
  • 58 invited and now accepted authors of a class Book Blog.
  • 6 teachers and their classes now with Teacher Dashboard classrooms.
What a week considering there was only 4 days and lets face it Week 1 has enough to do already. So helpful that students are excited to use this new learning platform (some students have used it for 2 years and still excited to have their own account). It's also been wonderful to have a teaching staff that wants to explore and invest their time in this expansion and adjustment of a tool that we are already using.

The only hitch came in the form of some annoying password hitches with the students.  Saying this, any problem can become a great learning experience. The fact is that now myself and 4 other staff members know how to quickly change a password when requested. Through the Admin console it couldn't really be much easier.

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